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The news is out and the problem solved...Revitalization


PART 2 –Tassel Loafer Revitalization of course!!!

****Why use Tassel Mate? Well……why use shoe polish…or a shoe tree? To solve an age old problem!!!

Our launch is officially going strong and we would like to take time to thank those contributing to spreading the word that Tassel Mate works.

We are extremely grateful and wish to thank our valued Clients. Your belief in Tassel Mate makes it worth the years of development. Thank you so much!!!! – Justin’s review which essentially brings Tassel Mate to the forefront of the shoe care industry. His review tells the story. We hope you enjoy.

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Why Tassel Mate?

During the past three months those in the shoe manufacturing and shoe care industry, as well as our Loyal Clients, have posed some very interesting thoughts and questions. This goes to the history and development of Tassel Mate.

1. Thought from an industry expert….If Tassel Mate was sold on our site, it would signal a flaw in our product and affect sales.

Well this concern is simply put…not true. Most manufacturers who sell tassel loafers in the US and abroad take astringent measures to provide the world with the best leather and shoe offerings bar none….and we applaud their efforts.

Over time, the “tassel” (adornment) which is usually the same leather as the shoe is made of, by nature, will start to curl or splay as the leather dries out. This has absolutely nothing to do with the leather or shoe manufacturing process. The treatment of the tassel, is essential and needs to be done if you want to your tassel loafers to look well-kept and if you want to keep your tassel loafers for future wear. This is where Tassel Mate solves the problem.

In fact, by using Tassel Mate to revitalize the tassel, it increases the preservation and integrity of the tassel loafer. As customers see if their shoes as an investment, and the tassel adornment intact, they will be inclined to return and purchase more from the shoe manufacturer who promotes this routine of care.


2. Why did you invent Tassel Mate?

Over the years, we watched the inevitable happen to several pairs of tassel loafers and thought of a “true solution” so we could enjoy our shoes for as long as they would last. This is the reason most of us purchase tassel loafers…because we like them. Until now no one has taken the time to think through this final step. Now with Tassel Mate you can enjoy your tassel loafers as long as you would like.

Explanation: In reality, leather, which is a skin, needs to be cared for.  This is no secret. This recognition of shoe care dates back to the early 1900’s or earlier by some accounts. So why is this important? The tassel loafer is no different than any other shoe. Clean, condition, polish, buff and install a shoe tree. Except………………..
The next and final step is the care of the “tassel”.  Using as directed, Tassel Mate provides one of the most “Prevalent” of all steps to protect the tassel loafer as it revitalizes the tassel and maintains the originality of the shoe.


What next?

Give Tassel Mate a try!!!! Click Here to order NOW!!

Your image will be enhanced and your tassel loafers will continue to look impeccable!!!

Until our next post – See you soon!!!


why do your loafer tassels do what they do

Why do your loafer tassels do what they do? …..And why we designed and developed an “innovative solution” to correcting the problem

PART 1 - In the beginning……..

The tassel loafer, a fashion statement since the 1950’s, is a sign of sophistication and style…a timeless tradition. Spring of 2012, marked the most recent comeback of this   Classic American – Preppy – Ivy League shoe of choice. The movement has been staged by the top voices of fashion, the elite of the elite shoe makers, and are dawned by more character and styles to walk in….than ever before.

When we get to the root of why many, in years past, may have turned from the tassel loafer as an addition to their wardrobe, we can trace the problem to well……..the ICONIC SYMBOL of the tassel loafer….the tassel adornment, in that, one might say the tassel becomes "curled" to be politically correct. Our research has uncovered many reasons why this change occurs.

First, leather tassel adornments by nature dry out, are exposed to the elements – water and the like. They may not be cared for on a consistent basis as the shoe is. The result, we can all attest to is unsightly curling, misshapen appearance, and basic distress of the symbol which makes the shoe!!!! Through our own experience the shoe often times was destined for a life-long sentence to the closet, or rendered ready for the big shoe box in the sky.

So the investment in our wardrobe, we might say was no longer suitable to wear in the business world, or for that matter in our social outings.
We tried many of remedies; a) wrapping the tassel in a rubber band ( which really damages the tassel more ) as it was all we could think of at the time!!!, b) We have been told some try wrapping the tassel in plastic ( really not good for the leather, guys….), c) There is tassel replacement, which, if physically damaged is a viable alternative, ( if you have and expert craftsman, and there are many ), until they start the unwanted transition again, d) And then of recent, we have learned of the “unthinkable”……the “removal” of the tassel. You might as well throw the tassel loafer away.

Over the last two and half decades we thought, and thought, and well thought some more…..

In PART 2, we invite you to follow the history and development of what we believe is the most “innovative solution” to the preservation and ongoing care of the star of the   show....the loafer tassel. Until next time, visit  to learn more.




press release

June 1, 2013


Shoe care accessory invention is posed to change the tassel loafer.

FRESNO, California -- The world of shoe care accessories will have a new product… and a new partner. Beginning June 1, Tassel Mate, the most innovative product of its kind since the “invent” of the tassel loafer, will be available to consumers.

After years of research, Tassel Mate, a California based company, has developed and introduced a patent pending easy way to care specifically for the loafer tassel, the signature of the tassel loafer.

Representatives of Tassel Mate are excited to bring to market.

“The missing link in the care of the loafer tassel adornment,” said Tassel Mate Founder Alan Neal. “With Tassel Mate, those who appreciate the sophistication of the tassel loafer, will through revitalization and extended care, experience the opportunity to enjoy their tassel loafers for the life of the shoe. Tassel Mate to the loafer tassel will soon be recognized in the industry as the shoe tree is to the shape of the shoe.”

Tassel Mate will preserve, enhance, as well as bring an impeccable and refined appearance to the loafer tassel.

The tassel loafer is as popular today as it was 50 years ago. Whether you’re purchasing a new pair, or renewing your existing stock with a thorough shine and detail, be sure to include Tassel Mate as part of your ongoing shoe care routine.

Tassel Mate is proudly assembled in the USA and sold online at as well as through trusted and established business partners.

Tassel Mate is Patent Pending 61/780,497

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***Tassel Mate is Proudly Assembled in the USA***

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